05/22 Coating line

news Coating line

Delivery of a complete coating line for fiber scrims. After coating with reverse coater the fabric is cured with a drum-dryer, longitudinal cut and rewind on a center driven big batch winder.

02/22 Embossing line

news Impregnation padder

Completion of an embossing line for nonwoven fabrics. The fabric is heated by an infrared heater direct on top of a calender with union embossing rollers. The product is cooled down, longitudinal cut and rewind.

07/21 Coating line

news Coating line

Delivery and starting up of a hotmelt-coating line for woven fabrics.

Feeding in and fabric connection, cross cutting and feeding out of the fabric batch is running in full automatic mode. So the machine fulfils the requirements of the “industry 4.0” standard.

07/20 Impregnation padder

news Impregnation padder

Delivery of a padder, 3 m working width, for double side horizontal impregnation of woven fabrics. The machine is ATEX and UL compliant and is able to work with solvent chemicals.

05/20 Coating machine

news Coating machine

Replacement of a coating machine in a production line of 2 meter width for paper and textile coating. The machine is able to do run with doctor blade or slot dye coating. The slot dye coating could be done in horizontal and vertical position as well.

01/20 winding und unwinding station

news Wickler 20

Winding and unwinding station in front of a continuous running coating line. It is possible to wind and unwind release paper or foil. Max. weight of the batches is 3000 kg.

09/19 doctor blade coater

news Streichwerk 19

Delivery of a doctor blade coater with knife over roller, knife over air and coating with slot die. Max. working width is 2000 mm.

06/19 ITMA 2019

news ITMA 18

For the first time we showed at the ITMA fair 2019 in Barcelona our latest invention our digital printer digitex™. This technology allows us a direct single pass printing on the fabric. At the moment we are testing the finishing results of this new technology.

03/19 squeezing unit for tubular knitted fabric

news Schlauchquetsche

Design and engineering of a squeezing unit for tubular knitted fabric, including a dwell bath and preparation station for finishing chemicals. Max. tube width 1500 mm.

04/18 Coating line

news Coating line Delivery of a complete coating line, roller width 3600 mm, to coat scrim made of glass, carbon or basalt. The line consist of unwinder, padder, dryer, longitudinal- and crosscutter and big bath winder.

01/18 calibration calendar

news calibration calendar width=We delivered 2 Calendar for calibration of technical foil. The rollers are electrical heated up to 200°C. The exactness of the gap adjustment is 0,01 mm.

12/17 Printing machine

news Printing machinePrinting unit, working width 3700 mm for one colour printing at nonwoven fabric. We also delivered the colour preparation and colour dosage.

07/17 Coating padder

news Coating padderPadder with horizontal roller position of the squeezing roller. Roller width 3800 mm, for coating of technical textiles. To compensate different fabric width and thickness the squeezing roller has a dynamic deflection compensation inside.

06/17 Belt calendar

news Belt calendarCalendar for calibration and thermal finishing of technical belts. The rollers are electrical heated up to 300°C. The changing of the belts is to be done sideward.

02/17 Automatic winder

news Automatic winderRising batch winder for coreless winding of carpets. The machine is equipped with longitudinal and cross cutting, coreless automatic winding (inside out and outside in), banderoling and bring the batches in upride position on one or both sides.

01/16 Padder with atex approval

news FoulardDevelopment and construction of a padder for the impregnation of textiles with solvent-based fluids. The machine has a changing trough system as well as gap setting in the contract pressure system.

12/15 Winding and unwinding system

news WicklerA winding and unwinding system for high web forces has been produced for a coating system according to special customer specifications. The winder work in centre and surface drive, as well as with unwinding for separating foil.

11/15 Coater

news StreichwerkDevelopment of a coater for coating medical products with an application accuracy of 2 g/m². The fabric infeed and outfeed were delivered at the same time for this coating system.

07/15 Dye beam winder

news FaerbebaumwicklerHandover of a stainless steel dye beam winder including steamer for a German customer for the processing of interlinings. The working speed is up to 100 m/min.