Cutting machines and the very different cutting processes are increasingly demanded in the range of processing and finishing technologies. They must run precisely, reliably and at minimum cost, which means the technical process must be adapted to the application-specific conditions. The range of special cutting … read more technology includes assemblies through individual machines up to integration in complete systems. The cutting machines can be developed so specifically that fabrics having very different parameters can be cleanly cut in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Longitudinal cutting with edge, middle or multi-web cuts differs in principle from transverse cutting, that it is mostly carried out depending on cycle times and often in conjunction with defect detection and singling out. Depending on the fabric and the technological conditions, we are able to offer a range of cutting processes such as scissor cutting, crush cutting, burst cutting, thermal cutting and ultrasonic cutting.


Cross cutters

  • Scissor, crush or guillotine cutting
  • Material feed and removal
  • Precision length measurement
  • Manual and automatic cut triggering