Highly effective yet gentle dehumidification or penetration of textiles, especially those made of synthetic fibres as well as textile-like, permeable fabrics, is an important attribute of the vacuum dehumidification system. A special slotted nozzle with associated vacuum slot geometry is fastened to the low-maintenance … read more vacuum pipe assembly and, adjusted to the fabric width, can also be used effectively. The full dehumidification performance and evenness can be achieved in interaction with optimally designed assemblies, consisting of separator, rotary blowers, sound suppressors, pump and switching system even for larger fabric widths. Connecting together several slotted nozzles installed in parallel in a stationary or even moving configuration is also possible.


Vaccum beam

  • Roll widths 200–6,000 mm
  • Vacuum to 500 mbar
  • Different gap geometry
  • Automatic gap covering