The vacuum dehumidification of tubular fabric constitutes a unique, patented process that meets the highest quality demands with its technical maturity and effectiveness. The central element of the system is the annular suction nozzle assembly. This guarantees fabric that is free of creases and bow edges and that is stretched … read more in width and machine-straightened at the same time during the nozzle passage. Especially low tension feeding of the fabric applies throughout the entire fabric run and maintains the elasticity of the tubular fabric. Low, uniform residual humidity ensures that subsequent thermal processes can be carried out in an effective and energy-saving manner.


Annular suction nozzle

  • Tubular widths from 30–120 cm
  • Vacuum to 500 mbar
  • Dewatering and finishing possible
  • Shrinkage and overstretching unit
  • Optional hose cutting